dinsdag 12 november 2013

New doll

One thing I really would like to do was to go to a doll course of Fabrique Romantique in Amsterdam and finally a few weeks ago I made this doll. With a few other doll makers (some of them made their first doll) you could choose between a 32 cm or 40 cm doll. I made the big one and had a great day. I met some very nice people (two of them who follow my blog, Wendy of Lief Monster and Sandra of Blauw ruitje) and Anouk of course in her great shop.

Nice to learn new techniques, creating a new doll and give each other tips and trics. I had a really lovely day and must restrain myself not to go back for another doll...

As always, her clothes took more time than making the doll but that is because I am very precise and not satisfied easy.

Have a great day



dinsdag 5 november 2013

Another adolescent in my house

The Design Market in Brussels is coming nearby and I had some items on my wishlist / to do list. This is my latest crochet item I made. He is a little friend of the girls I crochet before. This one is joining his lady friend in my shop and if he doesn't find a new home sooner he will come with me to Brussels.